When you arrive for your initial appointment, you will be asked to complete a client intake form which has general health questions on it.  (There are some conditions for which massage is not appropriate)  You and your therapist will then discuss your needs and what results you are hoping to achieve.  The following are some frequently asked questions and answers that will make your massage experience more enjoyable.

What do I wear for my massage session?
For full body massage, most people undress completely.  It is important that you feel safe and comfortable, so undress to your comfort level.  Some clients prefer to leave their underwear on or will wear a bathing suit or shorts. Your therapist will leave the room so that you have the privacy to undress and relax under the sheet and blanket on the massage table.  During the massage, the therapists will only uncover the area being worked on. Your modesty is always maintained.

What do I do during a massage and what if I fall asleep?
Some people talk to the therapist and others prefer to just close their eyes and relax completely.  It's your massage so feel free to ask questions at any time.  It is not uncommon for many clients to fall asleep during a  massage.  The important thing is that you are comfortable.  The therapist will adjust the position of your arms and legs as needed.

How long is a massage session?
An hour is a common length of time for a full body massage; however, 90 minutes gives the therapist enought time to not only work the entire body, but also to focus on specific problem areas.

What should I expect after a massage?
The therapist will leave the room after the massage, allowing you time to re-orient yourself, slowly get up, and get dressed.  Remember, most people feel pretty relaxed so don't rush yourself.  Your therapist will usually meet you outside the massage room with a glass of water.  It is important to hydrate after massage to help the kidneys eliminate toxins.
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